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Rick Rubin ran a label from a dorm... me from a van!

I have been running an independent record label with my best friend for two years now. I'm here to share some tips for anyone who is interested in starting their own label, just like Rick Rubin did in a dorm and I’ve been “kinda” doing it from a van!

The first thing to keep in mind when running an independent label is to have a thorough understanding of the music business. This includes knowing about contracts, royalties, publishing, and sync licensing.

To get a better grasp on this, I highly recommend reading the book "How to Make it in the New Music Business" by Ari Herstand, which provides all the information you need to run a successful business in music.


In terms of administration, it's important to keep track of all the songs and contracts of your artists, as well as registering the songs to collect royalties from all over the world. This is something I handle, and I must say, it requires a lot of organization and attention to detail.

My friend, Justin, takes care of the marketing aspect of our label. This includes building the brand image, creating a social media presence, and promoting the label through events, merchandise, and other activities.

Marketing is crucial in running a label, and it's essential to have some knowledge about it. I must admit that running a label is hard work, especially if you're an independent artist yourself. You have to take care of your own brand, social media, and music releases, and if you're running a label at the same time, it can get messy and complicated.

So, make sure you're good at organizing yourself and managing your time.

In the near future, we plan to expand our label by creating an educational side to it. We aim to teach others about the business side of running a label, including royalty splits and other behind-the-scenes operations. If you're interested, follow us on YouTube, and stay tuned for more updates.

That's it from me, so much love and peace from Hawaii

Label: Our Altered State

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