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Eric Dubois

Personal Profile

Meet Eric Dubois, a.k.a. EDP-Beats, a Paris-born, Hawaii-based music producer known for blending punk rock with hip-hop and indie rock. With his deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, Eric brings a unique style to every project.

Expertise and Impact

Starting his journey in punk bands, Eric refined his production skills in Los Angeles and Argentina. Now from his home studio in Hawaii, he supports top producers through his role with Ableton and creates distinctive tracks that resonate across genres.

Notable Collaborations

Eric's collaborative EP with Cedric Clinton aims for a Na Hoku award, showcasing his ability to fuse creativity with sound engineering. His engagement extends online via Twitch, where he mentors emerging artists, sharing insights and live production tips.

Connect with Eric

For innovative collaborations and fresh musical explorations, contact Eric. Let’s create something extraordinary together.

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2022 - today

VIP Tech Support at Ableton

Thanks to my Youtube Channel I was able to join Ableton as a Tech Support Agent. As time went on, I am now in charge of helping "priority artists" such as Skrillex, Chainsmokers, Louis the Child, Federico Vindver...


TAZO Tea featuring SZA placement

Thanks to the Music Librairie Songtradr, my song "Quais de Seine" was used for a deforestation campaign ran by TAZO Tea featuring the one and only SZA.


Pop-Punk Band

Highschool Pop-Punk band called The Creaps with my 4 best friends.We played in Paris, recorded songs and learned about making music together... My musical beginnings! 


Our Altered State (Label)

With three friends and amazing artist we started a "Label" called Our Altered State. It is now more of a Brand than a label...

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